Verse 4

My first home, which I shared with
my twin brother David, was
our mother’s womb. This is the
first sentence of the book that’s
got me thinking about what
exactly memory does
and what time it does that in,
for example, when was I
‘I’ when I wrote that sentence,
was I in the time of the
tardy twin hanging back in
the warm, shady womb, or was
I out here in the cold light
of day, too late now to say
wait as Dave’s shadow stands up
and moves into the neither
here nor there we live in while
everything remarkable
in the world packs the foreground’s
augmented reality
that never lasts long enough.

How did we do it?

The front face of the watch was the easiest to machine as the cover was made of plastic which machined well into the UV laser system. We managed to get the machine the poem right above the hands of the watch which gives an idea of just how small it is at 1.3 mm across. One of the interesting things that happened with the text is that the first few lines became skewed. This is due to the thousands on line which we had to use for the words. The software optimises the shortest path to write all of the lines. However with too many lines the program could not handle the optimisation and gave a very interesting design where the letters almost look as if they are coming apart.

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